Solid and Liquid Fuel Analysis Laboratory

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Energy Institute Fuel Analysis Laboratory provides test and analysis services for public institutions or private sector companies. Gasoline, diesel, fuel oil, jet oil, marine fuel, biodiesel and coal samples, are analyzed according to the national and international standards in the Laboratory.


  • Gasoline                             TS EN 228
  • Diesel                                 TS 3082 EN 590
  • Fuel Oil                               TS 2177
  • Kerosene                            TS 3355
  • Marine Fuels                       TS ISO 8217
  • Fuel Naphta                        TS 13207
  • Auto Biodiesel                    TS EN 14214
  • Fuel Biodiesel                     TS EN 14213
  • Jet Fuel                              Relevant Standards
  • Coal                                   Relevant Standards
  • Biomass                             Relevant Standards

The laboratory is capable of performing 63 accredited analyses with 131 analysis method according to ISO/IEC 17025 standards. The annual analysis capacity of the laboratory is 10.000 samples.