Gas Technologies Laboratory

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Energy Institute Gas Technologies Laboratory conducts R&D studies on liquid fuel, hydrogen and valuable chemicals production from synthesis gas, thermal power plant flue gas removal, gas conditioning and cleaning, and CO2 separation.  Through the existing knowledge and infrastructure simulation and modeling activities are also performed.

Within the scope of Industrial Services; LPG, natural gas, synthesis gas, biogas, etc. samples which are sent by the customers are analyzed according to national and international standards.

Laboratory activities can be summarized as follows:

  • Liquid Fuel Production from synthesis gas (FT synthesis)
  • Catalyst characterization, catalyst/reactor tests
  • Reactivity and sulfation laboratory systems  and  flue gas sulfur removal pilot scale test systems
  • 5 kWe/30 kWth Fuel Cell Based Micro-Cogeneration System
  • CO2 separation system with chemical method
  • 1 kWe Fuel Processing System ( For UPS application integrated with high temperature fuel cell)
  • Natural Gas to Synthetic Gas Production System
  • Gas Cleaning Test System
  • Catalyst/Reactor Test Systems
  • LPG-Gas Analysis Laboratory