Power Plant Control Technologies

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Power Plant Control Technologies (PPCT) Group works on two main fields as Hydropower Plants Refurbishment and Renewable Energy and Smart grid.

The annual energy demand in Turkey has been duplicating in every 10 years which brings an importance on the efficiency of hydropower plants. Gaining experiences on installation and refurbishment of hydropower plants is crucial considering high energy demand and being dependent on outside fossil sources in Turkey. PPCT Group continues its activities for the acquisition of domestic knowledge, ability and trained researcher experience from completed and ongoing hydropower plant refurbishment projects.

Decrease in manufacturing/operational expenses of renewables and being environmentally friendly, increase the momentum of integration of renewables into power systems. On the other hand, with new unpredicted generation regimes, conventional scheduling approaches remain incapable for renewables due to the intermittent generation characteristic of them, thus, it is required to have novel grid and control structures. PPCT Group researches the pre-connection analysis and integration of renewables into distribution systems and smart grid structures providing bi-directional data and energy flows taking cyber security and compunction standards into account.

Ongoing projects

Hydropower plant refurbishment projects

  • Keban HEPP Turbine Runner Rehabilitation Feasibility Project (Start: 2018); aims to perform CFD analysis for existing turbine parts, calculate each turbine part separately, calculate the potential of efficiency increment in case of a rehabilitation and detect the design point by feasibility calculations. (More info)     
  • Berke HEPP Control Systems Refurbishment Project (Start: 2018); aims to replace the plant control level and local control level components of the SCADA system at Berke HES with the latest technology products and adapt the existing systems for participation to Secondary Frequency Control support. (More info)   
  • Development of Control Systems for Keban HEPP Project (Start: 2017); involves the constitution of plant SCADA system by automating the control of 8 units, switchgear and common parts of Keban HEPP and the renewal of the speed governor system, excitation system, bearing lubrication & cooling system and protection & synchronization system of all units with the state of art products. (More info)    
  • Deriner HEPP Rehabilitation Project (Start: 2017); involves the renewal of local control systems of 4 units, switchyard, auxiliary systems, workstations, and related equipment in the central control room in Deriner HEPP with new local control systems and central control room equipment. System continuity and cyber security works are also carried out within the scope of the project. (More info)  
  • Domestic Development of HEPP Components Project (MİLHES, Start: 2015); aims to design, manufacture and commission of Francis turbine, synchronous generator, speed governor, excitation system and SCADA system domestically in order to increase the efficiency and availability of hydroelectric power plants. (More info

Renewable energy and smart grid projects

  • Quintuple Helix Approach to Targeted Open Innovation in Energy, Water, Agriculture in The South Mediterranean Neighborhood Project (5TOI_4EWAS, H2020 Project, Start: 2016); proposes a radically new way to generate innovation in the South Mediterranean Neighborhood, based on the innovation ecosystem created by the Research 2 Innovation projects funded within the 7FP. The project focuses on three key challenges as Food, Energy, and Water. (More info) (Project website
  • Development of National Solar Power Plant Technologies Project (MİLGES, Start: 2015) aims to develop and produce PV cells, modules, inverters, monitoring/control system for solar power plant and then install a 10MW solar farm as a pilot demonstration. TUBITAK MAM is the coordinator of the project and mainly responsible for designing, developing, manufacturing, and installing of PV inverters and monitoring/control system. (More info) (Project website

Completed projects

Hydropower plant refurbishment projects

  • Batman HEPP Control Systems Software Development and Excitation Systems Rehabilitation Project (2014-2017); includes designing and renewing of unit local control systems, speed governor systems, static and dynamic excitation systems for 4 units, common control system and SCADA system of Batman HEPP. During the project, current hardware was mostly preserved and the main focus was on the development of software in order to reduce total cost of HEPP rehabilitation. (More info
  • Kadincik I-II HEPPs Rehabilitation Works Project (2015-2017); aims to renew the speed regulator, excitation system, protection and synchronization system of Kadincik I-II HEPPs. In addition, with CFD analysis, the feasibility and renewal options of possible turbine renewal works at the plants have been reported within the scope. (More info
  • Seyhan 1 HEPP Rehabilitation Works Project (2015-2017); aims to renew the old speed regulator, excitation system, protection and synchronization system of Seyhan I HEPP in order to make it possible to contribute to the current networkkk utility services such as primary frequency control, reactive power support, etc. and to increase the efficiency and availability of the power plant. (More info)
  • Karkamış HEPP SCADA Rehabilitation and Communication Systems Project (2013-2015); involves the renewal of local control systems of 6 units, switchyard and common systems and workstations and related equipment in the central control room in Karkamış HEPP with new local control systems and central control room equipment. (More info)
  • Gezende HEPP Control System Rehabilitation Project (2011-2013); involves the renewal of existing speed governor and turbine protection systems with the new ones in all units and renewal of existing automatic voltage regulator (AVR) and static excitation systems for Unit 1 and Unit 3. (More info)
  • Hasan Ugurlu HEPP Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Analysis Project (2015-2016); aims to advice on reverse pressure and vibratory action problems of turbine runner, enhancement of turbine efficiency and cavitation. In this direction, spiral case, stay vanes, guide vanes, runner and draft tube are modelled and steady-unsteady CFD analyses are performed in the scope of the project. (More info)
  • Design, Development and Prototype Production of Control, Measurement and Protection System for Small and Medium Size Hydroelectric Power Plants Project (HESKON, 2006-2009);  aims to develop a control system to be applied to a dam or run of river type of plants. With the designed control system, all sub-systems of HEPP such as water raceway, turbine-governor, generator-exciter, switchyard and common-control are monitored and controlled and general power production of the plant is managed. (More info)

Renewable energy and smart grid projects

  • European Liaison on Electricity grid Committed Towards long-term Research Activities Project (ELECTRA IRP, EU FP7 Project, 2013-2018); aims to develop and test future control solutions to provide ancillary services and market mechanism for the future network structures. In ELECTRA project, PPCT Group is a project partner which takes role in the development of future voltage control solutions, SGAM mapping of future control use cases, cyber security issues of future systems and adaptive protection solution for the Web of Cell concept that is proposed as a new future network structure. (More info) (Project website)
  • Smart Grid Controller for LV PV Network Project (2011-2016); aims to develop, test, and implement a smart grid infrastructure for distributed PV systems in Saudi Arabia. The requirements and design of the proposed system had been determined and then the fabrication, installation and operation of the system was carried out by the group. The developed system has successfully been operating since August 2015. (More info)
  • Integrated Research Programme on Wind Energy Project (IRPWIND, EU FP7 Project, 2013-2018); aims to foster better integration of European research activities in the field of wind energy research with the aim of accelerating the transition towards a low-carbon economy and maintain and increase European competitiveness. (More info) (Project website)
  • Empowerıng Trans-Mediterranean Renewable Energy Research Alliance for Europe 2020 Challenges Project (ETRERA 2020, EU FP7 Project, 2013-2016); aimed at tackling the future energy needs by creating a Euro-Mediterranean research alliance for the development of a RDI network on Renewable Energy Sources (RES) technologies and for improving Research-Industry cooperation. (More info)
  • Protection of Power Electronically Interfaced LV Distributed Generation Networks Project (PRONET, EU ERANET Project, 2013-2016); aims to develop an adaptive protection strategy for distribution systems with DG availability. Throughout the project, an adaptive protection scheme was developed, simulated, and tested using NI-PXI real time simulation platform.  (More info)
  • TUBITAK Distribution Automation System Project (TUDOSIS, 1996-2006); aims to develop a feeder automation system on MV distribution networks including a fault detection and isolation capability with other SCADA applications. The system can be summarized as the establishment of Remote Terminal Units on Substations, fiber optical media and control center software which consists of human machine interface, library editing and Graphical User Interfaces.  (More info)