Vehicle Laboratory/ Hybrid and Electric Vehicles Excellence Center

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TUBITAK MRC EI Vehicle Technologies Laboratory is capable of performing emission&fuel consumption and performance tests of the passenger and light-duty vehicles as well as verification and validation of the vehicle subsystems in climatic conditions during vehicle development process.

Climatic Twin Axle Chassis Dynamometer

System Specifications

  • 220 kW brake power at each axle
  • Compatible with diesel, gasoline, LPG, CNG, B5 and E5 fuels
  • Emission tests with the NEDC, EUDC, FTP72, FTP75, HWFET and various drive cycles
  • Climatic conditions between -10°C/+40°C temperature and %20-95 humidity
  • Soaking area for regulation tests


  • Euro6 level emission and fuel consumption tests compatible with European and US regulations
  • Continuous emission measurements at Pre-CAT, Post-CAT and EGR locations
  • Catalyst efficiency measurements
  • Vehicle performance tests
  • A/C and intercooler performance tests

Emission Measurement Systems

Emission measurement System is positioned between chassis dynamometer and ICE engine dynamometer test cells for measuring raw and diluted emissions from the vehicle and engine at the same time.  

System Specifications

  • Measurements compatible with EC 715/2007, ECE R83 - 06 standards
  • Capable of measuring raw and diluted emissions from both cells at the same time
  • Continuous THC, CH4, CO, CO2, NOX and O2 emission measurements from raw exhaust
  • Continuous emission measurements at Pre-CAT, Post-CAT and EGR locations
  • THC, CH4, CO, CO2 and NOX measurements emitted during a drive cycle use of CVS tunnel
  • Particle mass measurement up to 3 phases
  • CFO Check, GDU/GNU Unit and CVS Calibration devices


  • On-board vehicle emission measurement

Internal Combustion Engine Dynamometer

TUBITAK MRC EI internal combustion engine dynamometer is capable of performing emission, smoke, cylinder pressure and performance measurements for diesel and gasoline engines up to 380 kW at the desired temperature, humidity and pressure conditions for coolant, oil, combustion air and fuel.

System Specifications

  • 380 kW low inertia AVL Spirit engine dynamometer
  • Compatible with diesel, gasoline, LPG, CNG, B5 and E5 fuels
  • Engine based emission measurements at NEDC, EUDC, FTP72 and various drive cycles
  • Smoke meter, opacimeter and micro soot sensor devices
  • Communication with ECU over CAN and dbc protocol


  • Engine performance and emission improvement tests
  • Durability tests
  • Engine and subsystem development tests
  • Power and smoke tests, fuel and oil additives tests