Battery/Energy Storage Technologies Laboratory

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Energy Institute Battery Technologies Laboratory works in all phases of manufacturing of electrodes and batteries which are the target outputs of the battery technologies R&D projects. Beside the laboratory activities such as the development of battery materials and cells, electrochemical specification and prototyping, battery testing activities are performed within the scope of industrial test and analysis services:

  • Accumulator- Stationary Lead-Acid – Discharge Capacity Tets (TS 1352-2 EN 60896-21)
  • Accumulator- Stationary Lead-Acid – Short Circuit Current  and DC Impedance  Test (TS 1352-2 EN 60896-21)
  • Secondary cells and batteries  -Discharge Performance  (TS EN 61951-2)
  • Secondary cells and batteries containing alkaline or other non-acid electrolytes"– Discharge Performance   (TS EN 61960 IEC 61960)

Within the laboratory activities below studies are carried out;

  • Pilot scale lithium ion battery production (5 and 10 Ah capacity)
  • Development of anode, cathode and electrolyte materials for lithium ion batteries
  • Development of battery management systems for various applications

Turkey’s First and Only Li-Ion Battery Production Line

Energy Institute Battery Technologies Laboratory currently has Turkey’s first and only li-Ion battery production line. With the capacity of 5 and 10 Ah pilot scale Li-Ion cell production / 2000 pouch cells per month, the line provides the trial production of the batteries that of the components are developed in the laboratory.